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Snow's Soldiers Review


Snow's Soldiers by L.C. Hibbett



Fairy Tales aren't just for children anymore...

When I was a little girl, my mother told me I was a princess, and that one day, I'd be surrounded by princes. Together, she said, my princes and I would do great things.

But that was before I knew about death, torture, or wicked stepmothers. That was before my entire world became a living hell.

Now, I'm not a child anymore, and I don't believe in bullshit like fairy tales and happy ever afters. By day, I attend the University of Freiburg. By night, I stalk the forest, searching for the monsters that stole my mother from me and ruined my life. After all these years, I didn't really expect to find them. It's not as if there are witches and charmed cottages and hot-as-hell warriors just hiding the Black Forest, am I right?

Yeah, you guessed it. I'm wrong. There's far more hiding in the shadows than I could have imagined, and nothing will ever be the same again.


Snow’s Soldiers is a paranormal reverse harem novel by L.C. Hibbett. The setting is in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany during 1981. The novel is about Aria Snow, who is a feisty, tough, no-filter woman who dislikes being told what to do. Aria has been through a lot and it has soured her view of trust and has caused fear of abandonment. She might be a strong female character, but she has a reckless streak and an attitude. I will say now if you don’t like characters like that and don’t like crude language with sexual content, this isn’t the book for you. Still, if you don’t mind that or like that then keep reading this review.

A strength of this book is its characterization of Aria and her love interests. That being said, only one secondary character you get to know well is Janet. The interpersonal interactions move relevantly fast. I am not talking about the fast burn aspects of romance. The novel’s timeline takes place about a month, but some interactions seem quick. Possibly because of the lack of character development with secondary characters. An example is toward the end, this is a non-spoiler, is an interaction between Aria and Caroline. They mention they hope they get to talk more later, but it seems like how they talked to each other appeared they already knew each other. This is just a minor thing that isn’t a big deal to me, but for some people it is.

Overall, the novel’s story was enjoyable. I say this is a read that should be given a chance even if the above mentions bother you, only if plots are more important to you. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. I got annoyed with Aria sometimes, but mostly I didn’t get agitated. I give this story a rating of 4.5, though it is a 4 as a rated because since there are no half ratings I can give it.

Shadows by Suzanne Wright


A match made in hell?
Devon and Tanner fight like... well, cats and dogs. Which makes sense since hellcats and hellhounds aren't exactly a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, their demons' antipathy towards each other is matched only by the red-hot sexual tension between Tanner and Devon. It's driving them - and their long-suffering friends Harper and Knox - mad.
When Devon is nearly kidnapped, Tanner's protective instincts kick into overdrive - he's sticking by her side, day and night. But staying so close means their hunger can no longer be denied . . . They know their demons won't accept the match, but after one red-hot night they'll fight to stay together as long as they can, even though shadows are gathering around them. Devon's would-be kidnapper is still on the loose, a serial killer carrying rage from a twisted past threatens the lair and, most of all, Tanner and Devon are losing themselves to the heat between them. When this relationship goes up in flames, it could be a blaze that neither of them can walk away from. . . SHADOWS
SERIES: Dark in You, Book 5
JULY 30, 2019
ISBN: 9780349416328
PUBLISHER: Hachette Uk
IMPRINT: Piatkus Fiction

Suzanne Wright lives in England with her husband and two children. When she’s not spending time with her family, she’s writing, reading or doing her version of housework – sweeping the house with a look.
She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating characters and telling their tales. Even as a child, she loved writing poems, plays, and stories. As an adult, Wright is the author of novels Shiver, From Rags, the Deep in Your Veins novels, the Dark in You series, and the Phoenix Pack series.
She’s worked in a pharmaceutical company, at a Disney Store, at a primary school as a voluntary teaching assistant, at the RSCPA, and has a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and Identity Studies.
She enjoys reading, writing, reading, writing (sort of eat, sleep, write, repeat), spending time with her family, movie nights with her sisters and playing with her two Bengal cats.

NEW RELEASE & Review~ Bound by Lisa Swallow


Oh my goodness yes!!!! Absolutely loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 AMAZING stars for a series I'm now hooked on!!! Hunted is book 3 of The Four Horeseman series and I can't wait to get my hands on it !!! I need to know what happens next! Lisa is killing me with her writing if you've read Legacy and you absolutely loved it, you are not going to want to miss Bound!!

The Chosen


The Chosen
By: Aurora Grace




The stage is set for the ultimate battle between good and evil.

When Elizabeth Summers jams on the brakes to avoid knocking into a man standing in the middle of the road, she is thrown into a world of angels, demons, and gods. A world where a shadow organization, the Elect, will stop at nothing to get her.

There’s no one she can turn to but Ian Knight. He has saved her once, and he promises to protect her.

There’s no one she can turn to but Ian Knight. He has saved her once, and he promises to protect her.

But Ian is part of the Elect, one of their very best.

Will he give up all he has ever known and all that he’s been taught for Elizabeth? And with enemies in two separate realms, will Elizabeth and Ian ever be safe?


Elizabeth thinks she is going crazy. She has nightmares that cause her to worry about them coming true. A nightmare becomes a reality and she almost dies, but someone saves her. That person happens to be Ian Knight. Elizabeth is now is hunted, and Ian is determined to protect and help keep her safe.

So, this is an interesting story. There were some points where I felt it was a little too slow which almost caused me to lose interest, but it is worth it to keep reading. Aurora Grace did a decent job at being able to draw a reader back in after those spots. I like the idea of who is hunting Elizabeth and how they connect to The Chosen.

I did enjoy this book and I am curious of what happens next. This is a book that I recommend this book. If you like YA/Teen, this is a book that is worth checking out even and reading through.

Interview With A Hex Boy


Interview With A Hex Boy
By A&E Kirk


Clipboard image 2017 06 12 17 07 46


Can't get enough Hex Boys, those sexy demon hunters from the best selling Divinicus Nex Chronicles series? Then you've come to the right place! Inside you will find a collection of all interviews Ayden, Jayden, Matthias, Blake, Logan and Tristan have ever have ever done, with all their supernatural charm, wit, and hilarious humor in full force. They are a paranormal dark fantasy lover's dream! Plus you get a few a few extra scenes from a Hex Boy point of view.


Since this is an interview book and not rewritten in a standard novel format this is going to be a shorter review than I mostly do.

This is a hilarious book. There were only a few times where I wasn’t laughing which were at serious part but then humor would come again, and the laughter will start up. The personalities of the characters were shown. Blake played a major factor in this interview book. We got to see all the Hex Boys and some Aurora which was awesome. There are a few extra reading materials in the book which is worth a check out. Not going to say what.

Alyssa and Eileen didn’t disappoint with this interview book. It was an enjoyable read. I loved every minute of it. I don’t usually read interview books but it worth reading. I give this interview book 5 stars and reaction of laughter. I highly recommend this.

NEW RELEASE & REVIEW: Beyond the Shadows by Amber Lynn Natusch


Another day, another problem 
for Piper Jones and her eclectic mix of allies.

And so far, her pack of vampire enforcers, werewolves, and her warlock mentor have come through it all unscathed. But when a rogue assassin starts killing off Knox’s crew, she’s got more to worry about than the faint blue scar on her chest and her failing powers.

Now she must race against time to heal her broken magic, if she wants to save the wolves she’s grown to love.

About the Book

Beyond the Shadows
by Amber Lynn Natusch
Force of Nature #3
Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Publication Date
December 4, 2017
Series Available On



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HOLY MOLY!!! That was good!!! In book three we get to know more about Piper and see her developing into her powers. Grizz is still my favorite (just because he’s so funny and truly cute) I absolutely love how Amber Lynn developed his character. After reading book two I wasn’t sure how big of a roll Grizz would play in book three. I love how his attitude and the fact he is so protective of Piper. The moments with Grizz talking back and or taking his guardian roll very serious was both humorous and cute. Kat is still the smarta$$ bestfriend I think everyone needs in their life. We do get answers to questions I’ve asked myself as well as many readers have asked before when book two ended. I look forward to reading more from Amber Lynn Natusch!

About Amber Lynn Natusch

Amber Lynn Natusch is the author of the bestselling Caged, as well as the Light and Shadow series with Shannon Morton. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, and speaks sarcasm fluently because of her Canadian roots. She loves to dance and sing in her kitchen—much to the detriment of those near her—but spends most of her time running a practice with her husband, raising two small children, and attempting to write when she can lock herself in the bathroom for ten minutes of peace and quiet. She has many hidden talents, most of which should not be mentioned but include putting her foot in her mouth, acting inappropriately when nervous, swearing like a sailor when provoked, and not listening when she should. She’s obsessed with home renovation shows, should never be caffeinated, and loves snow. Amber has a deep-seated fear of clowns and deep water…especially clowns swimming in deep water.

Amber’s Links

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REVIEW~ Annihilation by B.C. Burgess


I think it’s okay to admit I’m obsessed with this series!!!! Book 8 had everything I had wished and hoped for in it and more. I keep expecting to eventually not to be surprised by the turn of the events that unravels in each book and it just doesn’t happen. B.C. Burgess keeps me on the edge of my seat only anticipating something big coming but not able to guess what she has planned. Boy oh boy did a lot happen in book eight. In book seven we found a little on Layla being the Earth Angel and after finishing book seven I was dying to learn more. Thankfully the author answered my prayers and expanded on what Layla being the Earth angel actually meant. Along with a backstory we also get more Layla and Quin interaction (cue the jumping up and down) that had my heart beating a mile a minute and not even for a second wanting to put the book down.

One of my favorite aspects of B.C. Burgess’s writing is her words while reading through each book spark emotion within me. I can’t even count the numerous tears I shed throughout this series. Five stars for a fantastic read!