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Chosen at Nightfall Review


The newest installment from the author of C.C. Hunter has truly captivated her audience. From the beginning half of the book I was in shock over Lucas's emotions. In her last novel Whispers at Moonrise,  Lucas ends up having a wedding ceremony with someone other than Kylie. In chapter 1 of  Chosen at Nightfall, Kylie is forced to choose between family and her friends that have been more of a family to her, than her actual ones who are. I  do not want to give too many details away but things are definitely not as they seem between Lucas and Kylie. Throughout the story I could not help but understand Lucas's motives behind his actions. When reading Whispers at Moonrise I felt that as if Lucas betrayed and went back on Kylie as if she were nothing of importance to him. Reading the newest installment definitely helped  my understanding of Kylie and Lucas's relationship. Overall a five star book that has readers reeling and loving every second on the wild journey which is the great works of C.C. Hunter. 


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