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Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins Review

Sweet Evil: By Wendy Higgins 
Book 2 
For most Sweet Evil has been a long awaited novel that you have been dying just to get your hands on and to think its finally here! As I was reading Sweet Evil I had this overwhelming urge to want to skip to the end just to see if the book would have the desired outcome. I admit that this was an alright book, admittedly some parts were to better say boring. The characters just did not capture my interest as much as they should have within the first chapter.  I believe it was my emotions for Kaidan and Anna that prevented me from liking the first half of the book. Towards the middle of the book that was where the plot finally got interesting I was utterly captivated I-could not put it down. The emotions that were running from Kaidan to Anna to the other characters (I use the name other characters for you to find out who he really is), was overwhelming. As if I was not surprised enough from the second half of the novel I literally was on the floor from Kaidan's actions and words. I will gladly admit that the ending was a bit good even though it could have been better than to leave the readers hanging mid air for the next installment. Sweet Reckoning will be out spring/summer of 2014. 

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