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Review of Conquer your Love by J.C Reed

  The latest book by J.C Reed is sure to blow your mind! To say that J.C Reed knows her way with words is an understatement because I know for a fact my mind was blown away while reading this book. Throughout the book I was amazed by how captivated it made me feel. Just the suspense of wondering whether Brooke will get back together with Jett, kept me from putting it down for even a second. Afraid of missing any of the sarcastic yet witty remarks that pass between Jett and Brooke. Throughout the first half of the book we experience the turmoil that Brooke is experiencing. She wants to trust Jett but she cannot quite keep that nagging voice out of her head that says 'you're going to be heartbroken all over again'. The ending-well I won't ruin the ending for everyone but suffice to say it was quite a shocking surprise. 


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