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Wanted by Kelly Elliot Review

 From the very beginning of the book "Wanted" by Kelly Elliot, I was surprised to say the least. My expectations by only reading the reviews were along the lines of I was afraid this was going to be another wash-up tale of abuse that does not reach well with the author's audience. Shocking to say I actually liked and enjoyed the plot and events that occurred within the book. Don't get me wrong there were some downfalls within the book that struck me as over exaggerated. For me the exaggerated moments happened a lot when Ellie's mother's voice popped in her head whenever she saw Gunner (Drew Mathews), around any girl that was beside her and or her best friend Ari. Overall a very good read that will sure leave you rolling your eyes at some of the characters words and actions(*cough* Ari and Jefferson in particular). 


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