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NEW RELEASE and REVIEW~A Demons Blade by Caycee English & Cece Rose

New Release & Review


Title: A Demon's Blade (The Desdemona Chronicles book 1)
Author: Caycee English & Cece Rose

Genre: Reverse-Harem, Demons, Romance, Fantasy

Release Date: May 27, 2017


Forged in flames, anointed in blood... A Demon's Blade.

When Mona was six years old, she witnessed the death of her mother… by a Demon. Mona was told what she saw was impossible, but she always knew the truth, nothing would convince her otherwise; not even pesky little things like doctors or psychologists. 

It’s been twelve years, eight foster homes, five schools and two crappy part-time jobs since then, but now the monsters are back, and they’re everywhere.

Suddenly Mona finds herself in a world which she never knew existed and hunted by a creature like the one plaguing her nightmares. 

Luckily, Mona isn’t alone. But will the help of her new friends be enough to save her? 

- This is a full novel. Book One of The Desdemona Chronicles. 
- This is a RH series. 



My name is Kayla Orton and I have a confession to make... I'm addicted to RH, almost to the point of calling it an obsession. I can thank authors Cece and Caycee for my recent obsession with this amazing RH read ❤️

The story line was riveting and had me on the edge of my seat from chapter 1 to the very end. Literally, the very end, even the epilogue had me trying to slow down my reading progress I never wanted it to end. 'A Demon's Blade' has quickly become a top favorite RH of mine. I don't remember crying in 'A Demon's Blade'. I'll have to do a re-read to double check (I started at 11 and finished at 2:30 am roughly) I do remember laughing uncontrollably though! It sucks to have a book hangover, I wouldn't stay up till 2:30 for just any book though. My head is pounding for me to read on and read again. I'm anxiously waiting for my headache to subside and then a thorough re-read shall commence ❤️

I've asked, begged, and pleaded the authors for details on the second book with no such luck. Chapter one I'm told has been written, sadly that's not enough to sate my addiction though. Thankfully it'll be out in 2017 (is written at the end of the book) sometime, so after you fall in love with book 1 be warned you will suffer from withdrawals and maybe even shivers, if you're like me (I was shivering it was so scary good).

How to tell if this is a book you want to read:

A) its reverse harem (enough said 😍)
B) you have a thing for smoking hot guys
(Fae, shifter,elf, and a Witch )
C)you like your heroines to be a mouthy bada$$
If you didn't like option A then you should just leave the planet, because to me you can't even be human, maybe an android yes, but not human. Totally not kidding either 😈

Now on to the smoking hot guys! I'm in love with all four guys more so Nikolas 😍 than anyone else (Mason, Kaden,then Callan) who doesn't love a bad boy though 😉 pick up your copy of 'A Demon's Blade', if all of the above sounds like it interest you. If not, feel free to live on Mars 😈

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