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REVIEW~ Blood Claim by Magen McMinimy

Blood Claim (Half-Blood Princess # 1)

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     Half blood vampire princess Sophia Daletsky has spent the last eight months running from her oppressive and cruel Brother and her love sick ex, when she comes upon the sleepy little town of Maldera Springs where she finds a secret that’s been hidden for years from her people. Sophia must decide between saving herself, listening to her heart, or protecting what’s been safely hidden and protected by the sexy, secretive, and stoic vampire brothers Tavian and Dante Baikov.


     So this book was an awesome. This is a vampire paranormal romance. In my opinion what makes this an interesting book is that it is not a vampire romance cliche. The main character Sophia is a half-blood vampire. She is the daughter of the original vampire, who turns out to be Cain from the bible. So that makes her royalty among vampires.. She has a sadistic vampire brother and he is after a human Sophia befriends. Sophia ends up befriending two vampires named Dante and Tavian. The romance comes into effect with Sophia and Dante. Sophia's brother isn't the only problem that is going on. Dante's and Tavian's vampire sire has come back for Dante. There is other information I would give you from the book but you have to read it if you want to know more. This isn't just present time information, there are parts where Sophia talks about her past too.I love Sophia as a character. She isn't one of those female main characters who just waits around to be saved.

     This is such an enjoyable book and it is a series. When I read this, I was sucked into the book. I totally recommend this book. It is an awesome read and I think that it should be given a chance. If you do hope you enjoy it and happy reading.


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