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REVIEW~ His Lost Bear by Laura Greenwood


Title: His Lost Bear
Author: Laura Greenwood 
Genre: Romance, Science fiction, Fantasy
Page Count: 61

Synopsis : 
Can they heal each others wounds, or will they live the rest of their lives alone?

The only way for Vic to deal with the death of his parents, is to hide away in the woods, doing everything that he can to avoid his responsibilities as the panther alpha.

For years, Nita believed that her entire family was dead. But hearing a rumour that her cousin is still alive, she sets out to find him.

A chance encounter in the woods, brings the two shifters together, and something quickly sparks between them.

His Lost Bear is a spin-off from the Paranormal Council Series. It can be read as completely standalone.

If your in the mood for a light and fun story His Lost Bear is an awesome read for that! This was my first read of Laura Greenwood's and I'm a glad I picked it up.

Nita and Vic are two halves of a whole making one. Their both lost and wandering what to do next in life. Vic is struggling with confronting his brother about his return and Nita is trying to find her cousin. After the initial meeting we get to see these two interact with each other and from there on I was smiling. I loved how cute the storyline continued. I smiled a lot after Vic finally met his brother and Vic and Nita's progression to mates continued.

New Release & Review~ Vega by Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke


Title: Vega (Book 4 in the Stardust Series)

Author(s): Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke 

Genre: Reverse-harem, Romance 

Release Date: July 25, 2017



Note to Readers: Chamaeleon (Book 3.5 of The Stardust Series) must be read before Vega to fully understand the storyline.

Haley walked away from Knox, Theo, Chase, Jackson, and Liam, believing it was the best thing for everyone. But, when Theo and Knox appear in Portland months later, pleading for her to come home, she can’t find the strength to refuse.

With a radical plan in place, Haley returns to Santa Cruz, more determined than ever to keep Team Jaguar intact. Will her growing connection with each of the guys ultimately lead to happiness, or will it all end in heartbreak?


I've become obsessed with all things Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke! Book 4 is everything I wanted and more! In Vega, we get to see new sides of characters that I have fallen in love with even more. I've also changed teams too! I love Hailey's relationship with the guys in Vega. In book 4 you not only get to see the characters grow within the story but we also get more back story into their lives, as well as watch their relationship with Hailey continue to grow. Now I can't give any more away or that will spoil all the fun but I will say for those who have asked for more romance out of the story you will not be disappointed with book 4!

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... And if you haven't yet checked out Chameleon book 3.5 in the Stardust Series do it now!

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REVIEW & Pre-order: Winter Princess by Skye MacKinnon


TITLE: Winter Princess (Daughter of Winter Book 1)
AUTHOR: Skye MacKinnon
GENRE: Reverse-Harem, PNR

As a demi-goddess, Wyn has always stood out from the human crowd. And now, on her 22nd birthday, her magic finally surfaces with a bang. A Big bang. She’ll need the help of not one, but four (sexy) guardians to control her destructive powers. Her mother, the Winter Queen, waits for her in the Realm of Gods, but Wyn has enemies, even if she doesn’t know it yet…

Winter Princess has all of my favorite things in one serial!I’ve been obsessed with RH that featured Demi-gods, Gods, & Goddesses after reading Amy Sumida’s the Godhunter series. Couple that with hot supernatural guardians(one particular Scottish man I have my eyes on), and a Demi-god about to find her way into a new realm that isn’t the human one she’s familiar with, I was bound to love this from the start! Winter Princess is part 1 of the new RH serial by Skye MacKinnon and I absolutely can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Some questions I have that have not been answered (these do not retain spoilers) are:
1. Is Wyn going to become powerful than some of the Gods themselves even as a Demi-god?
2. Will we meet Wyn’s father in serial book 2?
3. Can this serial series never end please?! ❤️

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~NEW RH RELEASE & REVIEW~ Moonlit Harem-Part 1


TITLE: Moonlit Harem Part 1
AUTHOR: N.M. Howell
RELEASE DATE: Today July 21, 2017
GENRE: Reverse-Harem, Romance, Paranormal 


People say you can't escape destiny. But I'm sure as hell going to try.
I'm a vampire. A blood-sucking creature of the night who needs to feed on human blood to keep me sustained.
The only problem is, I find the whole lifestyle repulsive and refuse to feed on humans. It's been hard, but I've managed so far.
But as my 21st birthday nears, it is my time to complete the required ritual to take a human life and join my fellow vampires as a true member of coven.
I refuse. And I run.
But when my escape leads me into a den of angry werewolves, I find myself with an entirely new set of problems to deal with.

Moonlit Harem is a paranormal romance reverse harem serial. Each episode is approximately 20k words. All episodes will be released as an omnibus when complete.

Part 1 of N.M. Howell's series was amazing! Many reverse Harem readers will tell you they don't like serials for the simple fact is you have to wait for the next. I happen to love serials for the fact that I have zero patience in post-poning in reading something just because it's not all there. I'm an instant gratification girl and this book was my gratification! I love the heroine's attitude toward what she was becoming. She didn't want to part with her humanity and for me the fight she put up in not giving in even though (*cough* I probably would have.. read and you'll find out which sexy vampire I'm talking about) she could have. That ENDING THOUGH had me craving more instantly!!! I cannot wait to see what N.M. Howell pulls out of her sleeve next! Did I mention I loved it? ❤️ Buy your copy onAmazon TODAY! 

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Feathers That Bind by LA KIrk


Feathers That Bind (Harper's Destiny Book 1)

Book Rating




Harper is a princess of a peaceful kingdom who the people are not trained for war. Though a kingdom who Harper's family was close with is threatening war if she does not marry the prince, who happens to be a pretty childhood friend of Harper. Though if she marries the prince Harper's family fears and knows that the other Kingdom will try and take some of their kingdom. Harper and her parents know that the Kings wife and Harper mother's best friend would not allow that to happen. Though Harper's father has heard rumors that Queen has died. Turns out the rumors are true. Harper finds out from a childhood friend who is standing in for the actual prince for the marriage proposal that the King remarried not long after to the late Queen’s caretaker. At the proposal ceremony, there is a tradition for a feather to land if the marriage is to happen. Three feathers end up landing. Turns out Harper is meant to marry three men. Two are childhood friends from the other Kingdom and a craftsman from her kingdom. Harper knows something isn't right and what she finds out from that childhood friend who shared the information about the King remarrying isn't the only information. No, she finds out something but more deadlier and worse.

So first this was an enjoyable read. I like how it has a historical feel even though it isn’t a historical fiction. I will definitely continue to read this series.

The characters in this book are enjoyable to read. Harper who is the is the main character she is not a princess in distress. She also happens to be kind to the people in the kingdom and walks among them. Her love interests to me seem different but at the same time the same. I love the relationship between Harper and her parents. They definitely care for each other, and her parents would do anything to protect her. Her parents are very much in love. It is definitely not a forced marriage or a marriage full of resentment.

There is something I do have a problem with this book which causes me to not give it 5 stars. The length of the book was too short. For all that happened if the book was longer it had a little more spread the story out it would be perfect.

I recommend this book. It should be given a chance. Again I will continue with this series and can't wait for the next book.

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Author Bio

LA Kirk is a writer and editor. When not hard at work in front of her computer, her time is spent with her husband and two children, watching them play soccer, or chasing after the family puppy. LA loves working with other authors to help build their stories and brands.

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The Deal by L.L. Frost

The Deal 


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Locked out of her apartment with nowhere to go, Adie’s day goes from bad to worse when she finds out she’s been accused of breaking demonic law. While hunting down a red hot demon, seeking refuge with her mentor, and doing a little research, Adie finds herself stalked by more than misfortune. No matter how many times she throws it away, the contract from K & B Financial keeps popping up everywhere she goes. She has a sneaking suspicion that her chance encounter with the trio of sexy demons might be at the root of all her problems. The more she discovers, the more complicated her life becomes, and soon Adie suspects she’s stumbled into a trap. With no home to retreat to and misfortune all around, Adie’s dream of opening a bakery is quickly slipping away. Can she figure out a way to get ahead of three determined demons without abandoning the life she’s built? Join Adie on her (mis)adventures towards achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.
Reverse Harem Serial.
Reading Order:
The Offer
The Deal

I absolutely loved the deal! The reverse harem serial is a continuation from the series first serial which I've previously become obssessed with. As previously the storyline continues following Adie and her demonic troubles involving three hot as hell demons demanding her attention and exclusivity. The ending had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation for the third to come out! Need the third now ❤️ The ending was my favorite not only because Adie was back to figuring out how to turn the tables but the fact she is brave enough to withstand the heat from 3 sexy and yummy demons offering to be her meal. Like yum.

About the Author

L.L. Frost lives in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in English. She is an avid reader of all things paranormal and can frequently be caught curled up in her favorite chair with a nice cup of coffee, a blanket, and her Kindle. When not reading or writing, she can be found trying to lure the affection of her grumpy cat, who is very good at being just out of reach for snuggle time.
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