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Feathers That Bind by LA KIrk

Feathers That Bind (Harper's Destiny Book 1)

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Harper is a princess of a peaceful kingdom who the people are not trained for war. Though a kingdom who Harper's family was close with is threatening war if she does not marry the prince, who happens to be a pretty childhood friend of Harper. Though if she marries the prince Harper's family fears and knows that the other Kingdom will try and take some of their kingdom. Harper and her parents know that the Kings wife and Harper mother's best friend would not allow that to happen. Though Harper's father has heard rumors that Queen has died. Turns out the rumors are true. Harper finds out from a childhood friend who is standing in for the actual prince for the marriage proposal that the King remarried not long after to the late Queen’s caretaker. At the proposal ceremony, there is a tradition for a feather to land if the marriage is to happen. Three feathers end up landing. Turns out Harper is meant to marry three men. Two are childhood friends from the other Kingdom and a craftsman from her kingdom. Harper knows something isn't right and what she finds out from that childhood friend who shared the information about the King remarrying isn't the only information. No, she finds out something but more deadlier and worse.

So first this was an enjoyable read. I like how it has a historical feel even though it isn’t a historical fiction. I will definitely continue to read this series.

The characters in this book are enjoyable to read. Harper who is the is the main character she is not a princess in distress. She also happens to be kind to the people in the kingdom and walks among them. Her love interests to me seem different but at the same time the same. I love the relationship between Harper and her parents. They definitely care for each other, and her parents would do anything to protect her. Her parents are very much in love. It is definitely not a forced marriage or a marriage full of resentment.

There is something I do have a problem with this book which causes me to not give it 5 stars. The length of the book was too short. For all that happened if the book was longer it had a little more spread the story out it would be perfect.

I recommend this book. It should be given a chance. Again I will continue with this series and can't wait for the next book.

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LA Kirk is a writer and editor. When not hard at work in front of her computer, her time is spent with her husband and two children, watching them play soccer, or chasing after the family puppy. LA loves working with other authors to help build their stories and brands.

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