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New Release & Review~ Vega by Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke

Title: Vega (Book 4 in the Stardust Series)

Author(s): Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke 

Genre: Reverse-harem, Romance 

Release Date: July 25, 2017



Note to Readers: Chamaeleon (Book 3.5 of The Stardust Series) must be read before Vega to fully understand the storyline.

Haley walked away from Knox, Theo, Chase, Jackson, and Liam, believing it was the best thing for everyone. But, when Theo and Knox appear in Portland months later, pleading for her to come home, she can’t find the strength to refuse.

With a radical plan in place, Haley returns to Santa Cruz, more determined than ever to keep Team Jaguar intact. Will her growing connection with each of the guys ultimately lead to happiness, or will it all end in heartbreak?


I've become obsessed with all things Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke! Book 4 is everything I wanted and more! In Vega, we get to see new sides of characters that I have fallen in love with even more. I've also changed teams too! I love Hailey's relationship with the guys in Vega. In book 4 you not only get to see the characters grow within the story but we also get more back story into their lives, as well as watch their relationship with Hailey continue to grow. Now I can't give any more away or that will spoil all the fun but I will say for those who have asked for more romance out of the story you will not be disappointed with book 4!

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... And if you haven't yet checked out Chameleon book 3.5 in the Stardust Series do it now!

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