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~NEW RH RELEASE & REVIEW~ Moonlit Harem-Part 1

TITLE: Moonlit Harem Part 1
AUTHOR: N.M. Howell
RELEASE DATE: Today July 21, 2017
GENRE: Reverse-Harem, Romance, Paranormal 


People say you can't escape destiny. But I'm sure as hell going to try.
I'm a vampire. A blood-sucking creature of the night who needs to feed on human blood to keep me sustained.
The only problem is, I find the whole lifestyle repulsive and refuse to feed on humans. It's been hard, but I've managed so far.
But as my 21st birthday nears, it is my time to complete the required ritual to take a human life and join my fellow vampires as a true member of coven.
I refuse. And I run.
But when my escape leads me into a den of angry werewolves, I find myself with an entirely new set of problems to deal with.

Moonlit Harem is a paranormal romance reverse harem serial. Each episode is approximately 20k words. All episodes will be released as an omnibus when complete.

Part 1 of N.M. Howell's series was amazing! Many reverse Harem readers will tell you they don't like serials for the simple fact is you have to wait for the next. I happen to love serials for the fact that I have zero patience in post-poning in reading something just because it's not all there. I'm an instant gratification girl and this book was my gratification! I love the heroine's attitude toward what she was becoming. She didn't want to part with her humanity and for me the fight she put up in not giving in even though (*cough* I probably would have.. read and you'll find out which sexy vampire I'm talking about) she could have. That ENDING THOUGH had me craving more instantly!!! I cannot wait to see what N.M. Howell pulls out of her sleeve next! Did I mention I loved it? ❤️ Buy your copy onAmazon TODAY! 

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