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NEW RELEASE & Review~ Damion by Lucy Smoke

Review by Stormy (Kayla Orton) 

Nerys Newblood was convinced that there was nothing special about her and for most of her life, she was fine with that. She had her best friend and that was all she needed. But, when circumstance takes over and Nerys is given a spirit guide, she finds that being a daimon is not what the legends and old stories proclaim it to be. It's not heroic or glamorous. 

It's terrifying.

Pursued by a vengeful king and thrust into a journey to save her ailing spirit guide, Nerys must rely on several potentials to help her survive the king's wrath and her spirit guide's mysterious illness. When betrayal shatters the budding romance between Nerys and her protectors, someone must pay the price. 

***This book is a reverse harem title***

I LOVED Daimon something fierce! I haven't read a reverse harem quite like this one before! I could not put this down for a second there was action, romance (fans myself), cute little moments where I'm like aww, laughable moments, and surprising moments that I could have never predicted. Daimon is  my newest five star read and you can get your copy TODAY on Amazon! 


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