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NEW RELEASE & REVIEW~ The Terms by L.L. Frost

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Armed with new knowledge about the sexy demons who pursue her, Adeline Pond decides to stop running and confront them with an offer of her own. But will her carefully laid plans get her into more trouble than she bargained for, or will Adie finally get back on her feet and back to planning her bakery?

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures towards achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

Reverse Harem Serial.Reverse Harem Serial.
Reading Order:
The Offer
The Deal

In The Terms I found we get more info behind the three sexy demons. The third continuation was utterly delightful as I found myself waiting on pins and needles for it! L.L. Frost has no idea the excitement I feel when another part of the serial is released, (I think she knows I’m obsessed however). The ending for The Terms though is what had my mouth gaping open! Oh my goodness does L.L. know how to end a story or what?! The very last line has me wondering how Adie will fair in the next adventure with the guys!

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About the Author
L.L. Frost lives in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in English. She is an avid reader of all things paranormal and can frequently be caught curled up in her favorite chair with a nice cup of coffee, a blanket, and her Kindle. When not reading or writing, she can be found trying to lure the affection of her grumpy cat, who is very good at being just out of reach for snuggle time.
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