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NEW RELEASE & REVIEW~Into The Storm by Amber Lynn Natusch

About the Book

When Piper Jones fled New York for a secluded mountainside in Alaska, she thought she was safe from the back-stabbing, supernatural drama of the city. Now she's back, with the sexy werewolf Alpha Knox, his pack, and her grizzly bear sidekick for backup. But Piper's plan to get closure is derailed when her vampire mate Merc is abducted, forcing her to form a shaky alliance with a warlock lord.

Faced with death threats, romantic entanglements, and dubious allies, Piper is running out of time before someone she loves becomes the latest casualty in a never-ending war...

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Book two of the Force of Nature series was spectacular! I loved everything about this book from beginning to end!!! Into The Storm picks up right where book 1 From The Ashes left off at. I don't know about anyone else but after finishing From The Ashes I was as far away from Team Merc as I could get. Amber Lynn certainly has a way with words as I was all for Team Alpha Knox at the end of From The Ashes and even three chapters into book 2, Into The Storm. Now I am confused with my indecision as I'm not sure if this will lead into a  reverse harem scenario or not (once you finish the entirety of Into The Storm you'll understand what I'm saying). Piper has been given two choices for a mate. She is already mated to Merc (we learned this in From The Ashes) but now Knox is showing the same characteristics of having Piper be a destined mate as well. The question is now where will the story lead after THAT ending! Shock and excitement were the only two emotional feelings I had after reading the last chapter now I just need to know two things. One is there going to be a book 3 (Praying for YES I need MORE) and two how soon can I click the pre-order button!

Into the Storm
by Amber Lynn Natusch
Force of Nature #2
Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Publication Date
August 8, 2017
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About Amber Lynn Natusch

Amber Lynn Natusch is the author of the bestselling Caged, as well as the Light and Shadow series with Shannon Morton. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, and speaks sarcasm fluently because of her Canadian roots. She loves to dance and sing in her kitchen—much to the detriment of those near her—but spends most of her time running a practice with her husband, raising two small children, and attempting to write when she can lock herself in the bathroom for ten minutes of peace and quiet. She has many hidden talents, most of which should not be mentioned but include putting her foot in her mouth, acting inappropriately when nervous, swearing like a sailor when provoked, and not listening when she should. She’s obsessed with home renovation shows, should never be caffeinated, and loves snow. Amber has a deep-seated fear of clowns and deep water…especially clowns swimming in deep water.

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