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Review~ Ebony Rising by Angel Lawson

Morgan's life changes when she discovers her true fate. Not only must she pick a mate from one of her five guardians she also must prepare for an impending battle. Her days are spent between training, study and exploring the men she will choose from.

Life isn't easy when you're the Queen.

Ebony Rising is the second book in the Raven Queen's Harem.

Review by co-blogger Kayla Erickson

Absolutely loved part two! Just like part one I was enthralled from the first page.

We learn more about Morgan and the Darkness that threatens. We learn more about her men and how they came to be. We watch Morgan's feelings for each of her Guardians strengthen and her struggle with which one to choose as a mate. It's so well written you can practically feel the love she has for the ravens as well as feel her despair at having to choose one. I cannot wait to get my hands on part 3.


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