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Review~ Harem of Chaos by Mia Church


As the daughter of Chaos, I expect a bit of upheaval in my life. But I fled my mother's realm, tired of being a pawn in her games, and seeking peace. What I found was a trap.

The demigods my mother sent to bring me back are all so delicious in their own way, part of me wants to go with them. But I know what awaits me.

Can I convince them to stay on earth with me? All of them? And if I do, how will I keep them safe when Chaos rains down upon us?

Hold onto your panties for a wild, sexy, chaotic ride through a reverse harem, Greek mythology style.

Book 1: Harem of Chaos
Book 2: Harem of Seas - Sept. 2017
Book3: Harem of War - TBA


This book was intense! If your not a fan for constant porn like sex scenes this read will not be for you. I'm telling you this as a warning because the opening scene is a sex scene (I couldn't tell if it was reluctant sex or not she didn't want to do it but her mom was making her as a job thus why I wouldn't reccomend this one too strongly). The storyline was good and I would have payed more attention to it had there not been scenes that could be described as reluctant sex. I felt the author went a little too far with her descriptions (I wouldn't call it rape but she didn't want to do it as described in the book she had a job to do except she wasn't getting paid to do it her mother made her so it wouldn't be prostitution) and it took away the rest of the story for me sadly. I've never in the past been one to complain about such things before (with sex scenes) but then again I have dropped stories such as this for sex scenes that take over the entire book and ones that I can't decide if it's rape or if it's prostitution.


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