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Interview With A Hex Boy

Interview With A Hex Boy
By A&E Kirk


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Can't get enough Hex Boys, those sexy demon hunters from the best selling Divinicus Nex Chronicles series? Then you've come to the right place! Inside you will find a collection of all interviews Ayden, Jayden, Matthias, Blake, Logan and Tristan have ever have ever done, with all their supernatural charm, wit, and hilarious humor in full force. They are a paranormal dark fantasy lover's dream! Plus you get a few a few extra scenes from a Hex Boy point of view.


Since this is an interview book and not rewritten in a standard novel format this is going to be a shorter review than I mostly do.

This is a hilarious book. There were only a few times where I wasn’t laughing which were at serious part but then humor would come again, and the laughter will start up. The personalities of the characters were shown. Blake played a major factor in this interview book. We got to see all the Hex Boys and some Aurora which was awesome. There are a few extra reading materials in the book which is worth a check out. Not going to say what.

Alyssa and Eileen didn’t disappoint with this interview book. It was an enjoyable read. I loved every minute of it. I don’t usually read interview books but it worth reading. I give this interview book 5 stars and reaction of laughter. I highly recommend this.


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