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Reign of Night ARC Review~NEW RELEASE


Author: Emily Goodwin

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: The Thorne Hill Series (Book 7)


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We’ve all done things we regret in a moment of desperation, but declaring myself Queen of Night takes the cake, especially when I didn’t actually mean it. Sit on the Throne of Hell, commanding—and controlling—thousands of demons who have a bid going on my head? No thank you. I’ll pass.

Except I’m not sure I can. Without a ruler, Hell has gone to, well, hell. The demons are growing restless, and it won’t take long before one decides to do something drastic—and fatal, not just for me but for all of humanity.

As if preventing the world from imploding wasn’t enough, the group of vampires trying to destroy Lucas strike with a vengeance, and they’ve teamed up with a very unlikely alley. They’re determined to not only hurt me, but all of witchkind by exposing us to the world. 

They should have known better than to try and cross me twice. Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack.

My Review~

I am in love with book 7 of the Thorne hill series! In book 7 we get so many more moments we were dying to get before including answers about her mother, sweet moments with her father, Lucifer ( of course), Tabitha and Evander, and of course all the bad guys you’d be okay with the author leaving out but knowing it wouldn’t be a story if she did. The moments with Lucas and Callie were my absolute favorite. I can’t get enough if those two. I’m anxious to see where book 8 leads us because that ending was quite the shocker! 


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