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Rowen’s Stone by Stella Brie ARC Review



Arden's search for her destiny inadvertently revealed the true lineage of witches everywhere and a secret history hidden long ago. 

Now, she needs to find the meaning and purpose of the Rowan. With questions piling up and a parchment stingy with answers, she must look to the past before she can embrace her future. 

But Arden and the Imperium Cadre will find the road to the past riddled with battle, betrayal and millennium old secrets. To uncover the answers they seek, they must trust in the strength they find together, or all will be lost. 

For when the fierce winds of change blow, hidden agendas and powerful enemies are unveiled.

This is a why choose, reverse harem, paranormal, urban fantasy romance, with FMMMMM relationship. 18+ years of age due to mature content.


Absolutely fell in love with the storyline! I’m so glad we get to dive In more with her heritage not only on her moms side but SHOCKER her dads side too! The interactions with the guys all but melted me to the point I couldn’t stand it. I had to re-read a few parts... they were written way to o beautifully! I thought going on into book two we’d finally get to meet her father but nope that was kept from up again but there was a big secret at the end I won’t spoil. I’m so ready for book 3 if you can’t tell!!!